A new Era for Consumers

Gain more with the same budget

You reward for everything!

Get rewarded for every action!


Sign up and earn your first 500 moves. All you have to do is complete your registration. Download the application or register from the website and complete your Personal Account at RoadCube. 

Daily login

Log in for 20 consecutive days into your Personal Account at RoadCube and earn 250 Moves. In case you miss a day, you will lose the right to total rewards, but you will earn Moves. 


Tell us when you celebrate your Birthday and we will treat you to 1.000 Moves on your special day. Do not forget to fill in your date of birth upon registration. 


Each business on Roadcube can create their own RoadCode. You can find RoadCodes at regular intervals including Moves or Gifts. 


Everytime you Checkin in businesses within the Roadcube app, you acquire Moves. The Moves you acquire are different in each business and depends on the annual subscription package chosen by each business.


Search for the company you are looking for, by using the RoadCube Map you can choose your desired products and you can complete your purchase.

serial shopping

You are rewarded in Moves, Special Discounts or Gifts when you shop consecutively from a specific business within the Roadcube app. i.e. When making 5 purchases for more than € 10.00 per purchase, a Free Coffee is waiting for you on the 6th time you make a purchase. 


When the user completes a Survey on a business within the RoadCube app they acquire Moves, Special Discounts or Gifts.


Each business within the RoadCube app can host a Contest in which the users can participate and acquire Moves or Gifts.

move cards

Move Cards provide Moves to the user by a serial number that can be added to their personal account.

move & gain

RoadCube Rewards you for your Daily Actions to the businesses it supports and gives you the opportunity to increase your purchasing power instantly and Gain more goods and services.